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Leadum Sofware recognizes the contribution that Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft MCTs, and Oracle ACEs make to the community. We like to reward that contribution with free not-for-resale (NFR) licenses of our products to MVPs, MCTs, and ACEs.

Even if you are not part of an official company sponsored program but are a recognized contributor to the database or Active Directory community, we'll consider you for the NFR license. Just send mail with some means for us to verify your community contribution.

Examples of a "community contribution" that would qualify could be a well-respected blog related to databases, or authorship of relevant articles free to the community.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please send mail to with the following information:
  1. your full name
  2. proof of your contribution to the database community
  3. proof of your Microsoft MVP, Microsoft MCT, or Oracle ACE status if applicable
  4. confirmation that you have read and agree to the NFR license.
We'll then review your details and be in touch with you.
Also if you work for a charity or open source project, get in touch. We often donate licenses to such organizations as well.
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